Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Hot Wheels has done a good job on this Knight Rider KITT car from the Retro Entertainment series. A big improvement over the first KITT car they released a few months back. Same mold, but this new one from Hot Wheels has rubber tires with threads, better looking rims (though still not show accurate, but for the scale it still looks better than the rims on the first KITT they did), interior dashboard is painted black (but still with the same dashboard decal as on their other KITT) and it has a metal chassis. KNIGHT license plate at the back, just like on their previous KITT. Very solid and its very nicely made. The metal chassis underneath the diecast metal body only makes the car a bit more heavier than your regular Hot Wheels car. Gives it some heft if you will. Those who already have the SDCC 2012 exclusive KITT car would know what I mean as its basically the same car but without the elaborate talking base and of course without the high price tag. This is without a doubt, perhaps the best 1/64 KITT car you can buy right now and Hot Wheels doesn't disappoint. Looking forward to getting KARR from this new line from Hot Wheels!--M. Imram Shop here

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