Friday, June 25, 2010


Spice World is a 1997 British musical comedy film directed by Bob Spiers, written by Kim Fuller and Jamie Curtis, and starring the best-selling pop music girl group The Spice Girls. The lighthearted comedy, made in a similar vein to The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night, depicts fictional events leading up to a major concert at London's Royal Albert Hall, liberally interspersed with dream sequences and flashbacks as well as surreal moments and humorous asides. The film premiered on 15 December 1997 and was released in British cinemas on Boxing Day, followed by the release in North America on 23 January 1998.

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Paul McCartney's Mini was modified by legendary coachbuilder Radford. Paul, well known as a fan of Aston Martins, had the car finished in Aston Martin California Sage Green Metallic with DB5 rear lights. The interior was trimmed in black leather and had a Webasto-style fold back canvas roof, a popular extra at the time.

One day in early 1967, Paul, his assistant Alistair Taylor, and Paul's sheepdog Martha climbed into the car and drove to Primrose Hill where they saw a strange man wandering around. This was later Paul's inspiration for the song 'The Fool on the Hill'. Buy it now