Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This was something as a misnomer, as this was an anonymous red coupe that pre-dated the Batmobile. It debuted during Batman's second appearance in Detective Comics 28 (June 1939), and was described as 'a specially built high-powered auto'. At this time, Batman was not really a superhero; he was more of a masked avenger along the lines of The Shadow or the Green Hornet. He carried a gun and often killed his enemies.

The Corgi model was well made, but was very poor representation of a 1930s coupe. As drawn in the comic, the car was an idealised car of the era, with a massive bonnet and big chrome grille. Rather than attempting to model something resembling a real car of the period, Corgi has just copied the cartoony picture and come out with a bad caricature of a 1930s car. The overly-large bonnet does not taper outwards towards the windscreen, and the cabin is small. The model features two opening doors, but these are so narrow that a big guy like Bats couldn't possibly get through them. There is also an opening boot, revealing a spare wheel under a bat-shaped clip.--Diecast Collector  Shop here

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