Friday, January 9, 2009


Review by James N. Simpson

Eno's Race Car has the best image of the character Enos (and his hound) of any bonus magnet/sticker. This one's a sticker. This alone convinced me to pick this up before I even noticed the car that comes with it. Eno's Race Car was part of the 3rd release of 6 cars. All I really remember about this car is that Enos drove it in a smash them up derby type thing one episode, it's been a while since I've seen this show. And that's the thing, Johnny Lightning really should have provided a brief synopsis somewhere on the packaging, explaining about this car and what episode/s it appeared in. This is by no means a unique problem with just this vehicle, there are many spread over the six (at time of this review and there's so many cars they haven't done yet there will be heaps more) Dukes of Hazzard releases where a similar reliance on memory is needed. Release 3 also brought some of the other most popular (thereby hard to find now) vehicles of the six releases. They were the most similar to actual used in TV show General Lee, Uncle Jesse's Chevy Ute and the Double Zero Mustang. Six vehicles made up release 3 and the other two were the Finchburg County Sherriff (red and white) police car and Molly Hargrove's Plymouth Roadrunner. Release 3 kept the brilliant innovation of the packaging from release 2 where you can view the vehicle in the packet from all six sides including through the back of the blister pack. Unfortunately though Johnny Lightning did away with the bonus magnet and replaced it with a sticker instead. However they kept the same rectangle format that was much more popular than the cut around the characters way they did with series 1. So there's no difference in viewing the sticker to the magnet if kept in the packaging but obviously a magnet does not bend and droop over time like a sticker does standing behind the car on display. Like all Dukes of Hazzard Johnny Lightning vehicles, the normal cardboard backing with a small plastic blister has been replaced by the whole thing being entombed in plastic. I like this as it certainly ensures if you are a keeper in packaging type person that it stays in great condition, even if you buy it online and it comes through the post. My only criticism is they could reduce the top part in size (above sticker) as it would then fit on more smaller shelves in people's houses to display it. See more.

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